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At Twist you will notice the difference to the taste of our bubble teas and frozen yogurts.​ It's a difference that comes from sourcing only the best ingredients to make our products more flavoursome and delectable.


The proof is in the tasting and we promise you will love it.



We already know it's delicious, but where did it come from and what makes it so yummy?


Originating from Taiwan from the 1980's, bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea or boba milk tea) is a tea based drink which is sweetened with variations of either fruit, milk or syrups. Lets not forget the signature ingredient of bubble tea - the small chewy tapioca balls. 


There are two theories of where bubble tea originated. 

The first one is from a teahouse in Taichung, where Ms Lin Hsiu Hui's method of pouring sweetened tapioca balls in to tea became an in house favourite. Alternatively it could have originated from the Hanlin teahouse in Taiwan, owned by Tu Tsong-he. He started with using white tapioca balls in the tea (which created the name "pearl tea") but shortly after he used black versionsof the tapioca balls, which is the most commonly used today. 


Whom ever it was who created the first bubble tea, we salute you. Now there are lots of flavours, variations and a whole load of yuminess for us all to try.

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